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  Name Title Group Contact
Jason Alons Alons, Jason Principal Office Staff 712-737-2274 x202
Michelle Alons Alons, Michelle 4th-8th grade Counselor Counselors, Middle School 712-737-2274 x216
Noelle Altman Altman, Noelle 1st-8th Art Teacher Elementary, Middle School 737-2274
Kari Bousema Bousema, Kari Para-Professional Elementary
Lorinda Breems Breems, Lorinda Para-Professional Elementary
Missy Brummel Brummel, Missy PE K-3, Cubs Care & Friday Care Elementary
Karlyn Brunst Brunst, Karlyn 6th-8th Bible, 8th Literature Middle School 712-737-2274 x223
Anna De Groot De Groot, Anna School Nurse/Receptionist Office Staff 712-737-2274 x225
Heidi De Groot De Groot, Heidi Assistant Cook
Roni De Groot De Groot, Roni Para-Professional Elementary, Middle School
Travis De Jong De Jong, Travis Development Director/Physical Education Middle School, Office Staff 712-737-2274 x203
Autumn Den Boer Den Boer, Autumn 7th and 8th Language Arts & 7th Literature Middle School 712-737-2274 x212
Erin Driesen Driesen, Erin Middle School Resource Room Elementary, Middle School 712-737-2274 x227
Melissa Dykstra Dykstra, Melissa Para-Professional Elementary
Wendy Eason Eason, Wendy Assistant Cook
Heidi Griess Griess, Heidi Resource Teacher Elementary 712-737-2274
Kortney Haan Haan, Kortney 6th-8th Math Teacher Middle School 712-737-2274 x214
Jo Ellen Harvey Harvey, Jo Ellen 5th and 6th Grade Middle School 712-737-2274 x211
Courtney Hellinga Hellinga, Courtney TRIP Coordinator/Receptionist Office Staff 712-737-2274 x204
Randy Hilbelink Hilbelink, Randy 6th-8th Social Studies Middle School 712-737-2274 x213
Ardene Huisman Huisman, Ardene 1st Grade Elementary 712-737-2274 x238
Kim Huizenga Huizenga, Kim 5th-8th General Music, Band, Choir Middle School 712-737-2274 x208
Laura Joustra Joustra, Laura 4th Grade Teacher Elementary 712-737-2274 x220
Lydia Kerekes Kerekes, Lydia 1st Grade Teacher Elementary 737-2274
Hope Kreykes Kreykes, Hope Para-Professional Elementary, Middle School
Darrel Kroese Kroese, Darrel Custodian 712-737-2274
Diane Krommendyk Krommendyk, Diane First Grade Elementary 712-737-2274 x239
Jennifer Mills Mills, Jennifer 5th Grade Middle School 712-737-2274 x234
Delanie Niemyer Niemyer, Delanie K-8 Physical Education Elementary, Middle School 737-2274
Jennifer Noteboom Noteboom, Jennifer 2nd Grade Elementary 712-737-2274 x218
Maria Noteboom Noteboom, Maria 2nd Grade Elementary 712-737-2274 x217
Rachel Oolman Oolman, Rachel Para-Professional Elementary
Rachelle Oordt Oordt, Rachelle 5th, 6th, & 7th grade Science Middle School 712-737-2274 x210
Kim Philipsen Philipsen, Kim STEPS Coordinator Elementary, Middle School 712-737-2274 x237
Kinsey Schiebout Schiebout, Kinsey Para-professional Middle School
Katie Schuller Schuller, Katie Head Cook
Sheryl Slegers Slegers, Sheryl Kindergarten teacher Elementary 712-737-2274 x231
Crista Smidt Smidt, Crista Counselor (PS–4th grade) Counselors, Elementary 712-737-2274 x216
Allison Timmermans Timmermans, Allison Kindergarten Teacher Elementary 712-737-2274
Sheila Van Den Brink Van Den Brink, Sheila 3rd Grade Elementary 712-737-2274 x221
Samantha Van Der Weide Van Der Weide, Samantha Para-Professional Elementary
Bill Van Marel Van Marel, Bill Para-professional Middle School
Matt Van Schepen Van Schepen, Matt Technology Coordinator, Assistant Principal, 8th Grade Science Middle School, Office Staff 712-737-2274 x209
Peggy Vander Meulen Vander Meulen, Peggy Lunch Room Monitor
Pam Vander Schaaf Vander Schaaf, Pam Assistant Cook
Josie Vander Stoep Vander Stoep, Josie 3rd Grade Teacher Elementary 712-737-2274 x222
Lori Wassenaar Wassenaar, Lori Secretary Office Staff 712-737-2274 x204
Dixie Wielenga Wielenga, Dixie K-4 Music, 4-8 Orchestra Elementary, Middle School 712-737-2274 x233
Jen Wielenga Wielenga, Jen Librarian Elementary, Middle School 712-737-2274 x228
Melanie Witt Witt, Melanie 4th Grade Elementary 712-737-2274 x219
Kristina Wolf Wolf, Kristina Kindergarten Elementary 712-737-2274 x230
Kyndara Woudstra Woudstra, Kyndara Para-Professional Middle School
Anna Zeutenhorst Zeutenhorst, Anna Covenant Kids Preschool Director Covenant Kids 712-737-2274 x232
Shawn Zwart Zwart, Shawn Resource Room Elementary 712-737-2274 x215