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Fall Silage Piles

First, we pull the tarp over the pile from one side to another. Secondly, we place tires on top of the tarp to keep it from blowing away. At times, we tie the tires together to keep them from sliding off.

Anyone can show up and help! We have 2nd graders who walk around with water bottles and tape (in case the tarp rips), middle school students, high school students, men, and women. Everyone willing can participate in some way.

Sometimes there are full tires (which get heavy!) but most often we use side walls of tires, which are easier to lift and carry. There are jobs that don't require heavy lifting.

Most people wear pants and a t-shirt, some prefer a long-sleeve shirt for additional protection from the rough tires. Gloves and old tennis shoes are perfect attire.

You are welcome to show up at anytime you can make it. It’s tough to estimate just how long each pile will take since it’s based on the number of volunteers, amount of silage, and ability to get additional tires on the pile (with our handy telehandler lifts!). Typically piles will take around 2-3 hours, but if you need to leave early, we understand.

We serve cold meat sandwiches, chips, baked goods, and water/gatorade/pop when the pile is finished. Water is available the entire time.

Each location has a bathroom available for us to use. When you show up, feel free to ask where the bathroom is for that location. If you need a break, you're more than free to take one!

Find somewhere that looks out of the way to park, find the giant pile with people walking all over it, and tell them “Hey, this is my first pile! What do I do?”