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At Covenant Kids Preschool, we hope to provide a stimulating and enriching experience for each child. Our curriculum identifies goals in four areas of development:


  • to help children become more aware of God's presence in our world
  • to learn to love God and others 
  • to develop a good self image
  • to develop independence and self-confedence
  • to follow rules and routines
  • to make friends
  • to learn what it means to be part of a group


  • to increase large and small muscle skills through balancing, running, jumping, throwing, cutting, drawing, writing, etc...


  • to acquire thinking skills such as the ability to solve problems, ask questions and think logically (sorting, classifying, comparing, counting, and making patterns)
  • to use materials and their imagination to show what they have learned


  • to use words to communicate with others
  • to listen to and participate in conversations with others
  • to understand the purpose of print, recognize letters and words
  • to begin writing for a purpose