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Sheryl Slegers
Sheryl Slegers
Phone: 712-737-2274 x231
Groups: Elementary

Years at O.C.C.S:   17

Educational Background:  B.A. in Elementary Education from Dordt College, Early Childhood, Morningside College

Professional Experience: God has led and blessed me with a variety of educational experiences! Following college, my first experience was teaching grades one and two combined in Sanborn Christian School. I did this for 3 years before moving to Orange City where I taught for 3 years in second/third combination, second, and kindergarten.  God then led and provided for us so that I could be a stay at home mom for our four children. In 1997 I began as director of youth services, acquisitions, and programming in the Orange City Public Library, a position which I held for 5 years.  God then blessed me with the responsibility of being preschool director/teacher for the Kids of the Kingdom Preschool at Ireton Christian School. I was also able to earn my early childhood endorsement during this time. He placed me back at Orange City Christian again in 2003. In all, I have served in first grade (2 years), second grade (4 years), and am in my 12th year of teaching kindergarten.

Family: My husband, John, is the radio news and weather director at KDCR Radio, Dordt College. We are blessed with four young adult children.  Sarah Alice, Joseph, James, Anna & her husband Nathanael Vruwink. They live in Portland, Oregon, Orange City, St. Paul, Minnesota and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Faith Statement: I believe and trust in my one true God, who is my Father, Jesus the Son, my mighty Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit; my Counselor. God is the wise, loving, just, awesome Creator of all things seen and unseen, and author of all of history past and future. His kingdom is forever, and we are all part of that kingdom. All things, and all people are created by Him and are in His plans. We are ultimately made for His glory and His service. He loves us and has redeemed us. I have the wonderful and unique privilege to live in this time and place that He has created, with the gifts He has given to love, teach and impact His dear children. Children are image bearers of Him, eternal souls, also with gifts that He has given and a life plan that He has created for His glory. It is my calling to help each one to learn to hear His voice, to learn His word, to love Him, to see Him at work in the world, to develop the gifts that He has given, to see where He may use them, and to learn to be willing servants wherever and whenever He calls them. I am thankful that God allows me to share this awesome responsibility with parents, family members, other teachers, and others who claim that covenantal responsibility. Though there is sin, I pray that God will make my classroom each year, a place where there is love, community, justice, and growth for each individual, where academic learning is honored, and that which is of eternal value is prized.  I covet and thank you for your prayers to that end.