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Katie Schuller
Katie Schuller
Head Cook
Years at OCCS: 2016 - present 
Educational Background:   BA from Northwestern College in Art and Psychology.
Faith Statement: Have you ever read 2 Corinthians 4? It’s only 16 verses.  If you don’t know it by heart get out a Bible and read it, right now. 
God will use you right where you are at…if you let him. 
Maybe my degree isn’t needed to be a cook and OCCS, but my life experiences certainly have helped!  I started working at a Pizza Ranch through high school and continued until college. I was excited to leave the cooking field and pursued opportunities that would prepare me to become an art therapist. But God has a funny way of working and brought me back to food service after a service trip to New Orleans with the GM of NWC food service. So I started a job in food service again while I finished up college and started contemplating grad school options.  Then I met a handsome man named Sean and stuck around and got married. I continued at NWC working as their supervisor right up until the day I had my first child Ella.  I was lucky to be a stay at home home mom and thought the only kitchen I would ever manage would be my own!  After our second child Nora was about 6 months old I was talking to my husband at lunch and said, I think I am going to start looking for some part time work.  God must have chuckled and thought, “Oh really Katie, you think so.  What are you going to do about this then.”  Probably less than 10 minutes went by and someone pulled on to my driveway and asked if I would be interested at being a head cook at OCCS. So here I am, working in a kitchen again!